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The first thing we are addressing under branding is brand identity. People usually think of brand identity and think “logo” but it’s a lot more than that. From the slide, you notice that logo belongs to just one part of the whole. There is a lot more to your brand’s identity. Let me be the storyteller that I am and create a scenario..

So let’s say Akwasi wants to get with Siobhan who is out of his league. He wants to get noticed by her so he decides to make some changes. He goes to the barbers to get a fade, He goes to buy some new clothes and shoes. He gets himself some new cologne. Visits all the new hot spots in the capital to familiarize himself with the bougie food  before he approaches her.

All the things he’s doing to “upgrade” his image to be desirable to Siobhan is what we call BRANDING and these upgrades – the fade, the new clothes, cologne( appearance) the new way he speaks(language), his new Bougie association (personality)… add up to be his BRAND IDENTITY.


Sources from: @1822Social

Written by: Jewie Din